Alfred Johnson


Alfred Johnson, who did an internship at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Chicago talks about his experience:

“There were special sessions and talks hosted by experienced personalities in particle physics and engineering. The guided tours were wonderful. I was able to write a technical paper about the work that I had done. Working under a senior scientist, I became more passionate about research and I have been motivated to develop my own new ideas.
Lab-X provided constant support throughout the journey. They conducted mock interviews which provided confidence during the final interview. Without the guidance of Lab-X, I would have not completed the Visa process as well.

This internship also helped me develop a network of professional contacts which will be important for my future goals. In India, it's very rare to get such internship experience. So the effort taken by Lab-X to make this happen in the midst of all difficulties is huge. We expect Lab-X to get connected with more universities and labs to provide more opportunities to students ."

Visit Alfred’s blog, which portrays his journey at Fermi National Accelerator Lab, Chicago