Alfred Johnson


Testimonial : Alfred Johnson

Intern-Me 2013 Winner : Alfred Johnson

Internship Location : Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Chicago, USA).

Internship Topic : Mu2e Tracker

Lab-X ‘Give Back Pledge Project‘ : Bisko Labs – a startup focused on developing hardware based innovative product solutions for the common man

Testimonial :

“In India, it’s very rare to get such internship experience, especially for someone like me who did not study in IIT or NIT. Lab-X provided me constant support throughout the journey. Without the guidance of Lab-X, I would not have successfully completed this internship.

Internship experience at Fermilab was a world apart  from my engineering education experience till that point. The confluence of information from various sources such as the special sessions and talks hosted by experienced personalities in particle physics and engineering was just mind boggling. Working under a senior research scientist is an experience that very few students can get.  As a result of this experience,  I became more passionate about research and I have been motivated to develop my own new ideas.

Not just the academic part, but team Lab-X also made sure we get out and experience the world. I went to visit team Lab-X in Boston where they gave me a tour of world-class universities like MIT and Harvard. This internship taught me how to develop a network of professional contacts so as to develop a support group who is vested in my future goals.

I hope that Lab-X can provide more and more such opportunities to students with limited resources, so that many more can get the same life-altering experience I received four years ago.”

Visit Alfred’s blog, which portrays his journey at Fermi National Accelerator Lab, Chicago