Venkat Chinta


Testimonial : Venkat Chinta

Intern-Me 2014 Winner : Venkat Chinta

Internship Location : Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Chicago, USA)

Internship Topic : Design and development of automated electro-mechanical system for Mu2e (Muons to Electrons) Tracker.

Lab-X ‘Give Back Project‘ : Encouraging undergraduate Engineering students to pursue hands-on opportunities.

Testimonial :

“Fermilab internship experience was a turning point in my life – one that showed me the potential of research and that I could also make a contribution in this field. I was amazed to see how passionate everyone at Fermilab was about their work. It created a constructive environment that motivated me to go the extra mile every day. I learnt new tools, methodologies and programming languages that enabled me to improve my algorithms for performing regression analysis on sensor data. My advisor provided me with exposure to wide range of topics – something I would not have received if not for this internship.

I’m currently a graduate researcher at the Mechatronics Lab at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where I am building a high-speed HDR camera for autonomous vehicles.

My time at Fermilab helped me not to be daunted by having to learn and master new, complex subjects. Without that mindset I would not have been able to make the leap from Electronics to Mechanical Engineering for my masters and pursue what I found interesting. The passion that the people at Fermilab brought to their jobs everyday inspired me to aspire for work that I can love. I have maintained that goal since my internship and will strive to do so in the future, where I see myself doing my part to making autonomous vehicles an integral part of our everyday lives.”