Rahul Raveendranath


Testimonial : Rahul Raveendranath

Intern-Me 2013 Winner : Rahul Raveendranath

Internship Location : Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University (Columbus Ohio).

Internship Topic : Market research for commercialization of cutting-edge technologies

Lab-X ‘Give Back Pledge Project‘ : ‘FindAuto.in’ – Uber for AutoRikshaws in India, DialBlood – social venture to quickly connect blood donors with the needy

Testimonial :

“I am extremely passionate about technology and love using it to solve challenges. During my undergraduate studies, my friends and I developed an innovative campus management software. Unfortunately, when we reached out to the market we realized that there were other hurdles in adopting this technology.

I came across an internship through Lab-X which strongly aligned with my technical interest and also my entrepreneurship ability. I won the All-India Lab-X Intern-Me competition to intern at the Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (TEC) Institute at Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University (OSU). I performed market research to determine relevant quantitative and qualitative measures to assess the potential valuation of a research idea. I pursued a course in Technology Entrepreneurship at OSU that taught me lean startup methodologies. I also spent 3 weeks at the 10X accelerator where I learned formal techniques to start an idea from inception, market-validation to fast and iterative product releases.

The Lab-X experience helped me come up with new ideas and develop an understanding of how to execute them well. I was able to apply this knowledge and experience when I launched a social venture called DialBlood which connects blood recipients to potential donors quickly through a text based service. I also started a startup called FindAuto which is an ‘Uber for Rickshaws’ (a popular 3 wheeler commute option in India). I now mentor technology start-ups to help them overcome some of the challenges I faced with my first start-up initiative.”

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