Kaza Amulya


Kaza Amulya completed an internship at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Chicago. Read about her experience :

Learning in terms of technology:

I have learnt a lot from my mentors about static structural analysis as my work comprised of designing and analysis of Detector. In terms of technical competence, I got acquainted with using software such as NX 7.5 and ANSYS 15.0. I learnt how to approach a problem statement and about breaking down a complex situation and analyse it using my basic Mechanical engineering skills. As my mentors involved me in the weekly discussion meetings and presentations, I could realise how important and difficult decision making process is. Mine and other fellow interns opinions were equally welcomed which really boosted our morale and confidence. To sum up, I feel I have grown as a person both technically and professionally.

Impact of internship on me:

Prior to joining Fermilab for internship, I always had a wish to go for research but I had no exposure and technical experience. The internship at Fermilab has redefined my vision and future goals. I have actually streamlined my aspirations and pretty sure about “what I want, what I can”. Now I want to go for higher studies and associate myself with world renowned universities like MIT. Now I have learnt to ‘dream big and aim high’. Thank you very much Fermilab for making my vision broader and clearer.

Learning about Work culture:

I found that the work culture was highly professional with a personal touch, thus provided me the work atmosphere helping me to think beyond the obvious. The positive attitude and helping nature of people around me helped me to feel at home. It took no time for me to accommodate myself in an alien country, overcoming all the fears. Everybody at my office, even the senior scientists were friendly and I felt at ease. Overall, the atmosphere was warm and relaxed.

Learning in terms of global exposure:

I must say that back at home, I was dependant on my parents and then in my hostel all the things were readily available in terms of food, etc. After joining internship, my life took a complete turn where I learnt to manage all on my own efforts. I became more responsible, mature and independent. After my two month internship, I feel much more confident about myself. That is not exaggerating if I say even my parents are more confident about myself. I met people from different cultures and it was a refreshing experience. I was emotionally moved when my mentor gave me a surprise dinner on my birthday, and I felt as if I was amidst my family. On the whole, I will always cherish those moments of my internship and stay at Fermilab.

Benefits and future plans:

I have benefitted a lot from my internship. The whole perception towards life has changed. I must say that, now I am a ‘well informed person ‘ with a clear vision. I feel when you know ‘ what you want and how to go about it ‘, the road is clear and nothing can stop me. With this experience I grew not only as an individual but also as well-informed technically. After my graduation, I will like to pursue my masters in Bio-Mechanics. Human physiology has always fascinated me and with my skills in mechanical engineering, I wish to do research in prosthetics and cancerogenesis or mutagenesis.

From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful to the team of Lab-X foundation who have been instrumental for the successful completion of my internship programme. I wish to always remain as one of the members of Lab-X family.